Empowered Parenting

The secret sauce when it comes to parenting is connection.

Imagine a home with no yelling, nagging, or need for punishments.

Imagine children who actually listen to you and cooperate.

Imagine feeling confident with your parenting and that you're raising emotionally intelligent and capable children.



Parent Intentionally 

Get clear on your values and what you envision for your family.


Create Connection

Learn to communicate in a new way. One where you no longer contribute to disconnection with your child. (This is the key to getting them to listen!)



Gain Cooperation

Your new kind, firm, consistent parenting will change the dynamic in your home.

Empowered Parenting is for you if...

You're frustrated with your current parenting patterns and/or you're experiencing challenging behaviors with your child

You're craving more peace, calm, & connection in your home

You feel like your children don't listen to you - until you finally yell

You want go-to strategies for everyday parenting situations

You sometimes freeze and just don't know how to respond to your child's behavior

You want to be the best leader, role model, and support for your child that you possibly can be

You realize change begins with you and are ready to make the necessary shifts and investment in your family


The Empowered Parent Coaching Program

A 12-Week Course + Private Coaching Dedicated to Making Profound Shifts in your Relationships & Parenting

The Empowered Parent Coaching Program is about you making profound shifts in your parenting and family relationships.

  • You'll experience a deep, transformational experience for you as a parent first, as you identify your triggers and let go of your residual feelings and unconscious belief patterns left over from your own childhood and the way you were parented.

  • You'll discover that there's no need for time-outs, consequences or punishments as a means to discipline your child.

  • You'll develop a deep connection with your child, so that you have simple, effective communication, and an awareness of family values.

  • You'll be able to easily move through conflicts within the home.
  • You will nurture a deep connection that allows your child to feel safe to communicate with you through any situation.

  • You’ll notice a decrease in your frustration level, less conflict in the home, a difference in your child’s behavior and most importantly, a deep sense of calm and connection, with the peace of mind that comes when you know you are doing your very best as a parent.

You can raise respectful, polite and thoughtful children who are self-confident, responsible and happy. And you don’t have to resort to yelling, punishing, threatening, or turning a blind eye to unacceptable behavior.



Nice to meet you!

I'm Katy Weade, Certified Life & Conscious Parenting Coach and Positive Discipline Educator

I believe parenting is the most important job in the world, yet we're sent home from the hospital with no direction! You can read all of the books and listen to all of the podcasts, but when it comes to your real life how do you actually implement?

That's where I come in. I'll help you understand the ins and outs of science-based peaceful and positive parenting  and coach you through your specific family needs. 

My goal as your coach is to give you the tools to feel comfortable and confident as a mom. You'll discover a new way to communicate with your child that will change the dynamic in your home for the better - forever! 

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