I help moms thrive

because life is too short to just survive


Sound Familiar? 

You know that life is good and you have a lot to show for it... However, on the inside you feel like a mess. You're balancing being a mom, wife, work, and all-of-the-things. You're doing it all, but don't feel like you're doing any of it well. Things are out of alignment and something needs to change. You want to enjoy your days, feel confident in your parenting, and go to bed at night without beating yourself up. 

I get it because I, too, was in your shoes, 

I have the tools to help you break free from the cycle you're in. You CAN be a good mom, you CAN enjoy your days, you CAN feel better. And I can help you get there. 

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Nice to meet you!

I'm Katy Weade,
Master Certified Life Coach for Moms

I'm a mama of 2 and wife living a beautiful life in the suburbs of Chicago. I've come a long way from always feeling rushed, behind, like a bad mom, and overwhelmed to finding peace and joy in the every day.

Just when things were really feeling out of control, I found coaching. It has literally changed my life, which is how I know it can change yours, too.

In April 2021, just 2 weeks after this picture was taken on Easter, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I know for a fact the personal development I had done prior to my diagnosis through coaching is what has gotten me through feeling better than ever mentally. 

I can help you get through whatever challenge is in your way from living a life you love and being the mom you truly desire to be. 



What my clients are saying


Amy, Mom of 2

"In just one session with Katy I felt like I accomplished more than I did in years of therapy!"

Faith, Mom of 3

"I have been reading parenting books for years, even before I had kids. I’m at a point where I could write one, I have gained so much knowledge. As a parent, just knowledge isn’t enough. I was lacking the skill and ability to find my own calm and compassion for myself and my kids. I am eternally grateful to Katy for helping me discover this! I have no doubt in my mind, I would not be this far along in my positive parenting journey, if it weren’t for Katy. I am by no means perfect but if you asked anyone around me, they have noticed a significant, positive, change in my parenting skills (as well as posits changes in other relationships!). I have gained the ability to prioritize self care and compassion for my 3 young children. I could go on and on about the benefits of having a personal parenting coach; there are SO many! Katy, in particular, is so easy to talk to, exudes acceptance and empathy, and has a true passion for helping parents wherever they are in their parenting journey. I could come to her with specific situations I struggled with and she would help me navigate and find positive solutions. Katy is a source of encouragement and knowledge. You will never regret investing in being the parent you strive to be!"

Angie, Mom of 2

"I worked with Katy 1:1 and am now also in her group course. I kid you not, I'm blown away! I knew this would help me, but I'm learning so much about MYSELF that I will take forward forever. I've learned how my own limiting beliefs impact my parenting and relationship to my children. I have gained confidence in myself as a mom but also in every other aspect of my life! I see where I have been holding myself back and am now able to coach myself to work through my self-doubt and take action!

I have never felt more connected to my children, and I'm seeing them also gain confidence as a result of my improved communication and ability to get to the root of what they need, provide them empathy, and connect on a deeper level. Katy is the real deal, and if you are on the fence about hiring a parenting coach...please do it! The world and children need you showing up as the best version of yourself. This is the first step..the results I'm getting are worth every. single. penny and more!"