[Podcast] Balance in Motherhood is a Myth

balance May 12, 2020

Something I feel strongly about is the misconception of "work-life balance" and that it is something we should all be seeking. Balance is a myth and something we should all STOP trying to achieve. Instead, I suggest seeking alignment.

Not sure what I mean? Tune in to find out how you can start realigning your life today!




Episode Transcript:

Welcome to motherhood, aligned. I'm your host, Katy Weade. And this podcast is for moms on a mission to bust through the overwhelmed and live life on purpose. If you're ready to feel in alignment with who you're truly meant to be, then you're in the right place. And if you're anything like me, then I know you're a busy mama juggling a 1,000,000 things at once. But we can't just let life happen to us and get lost in the busy-ness. We need to take the reins and live proactively. This show is about real Mom's focused on family, feeling good and finding ways to not just survive but thrive in motherhood and life. Sound good, Awesome. Let's dive in. Hey, everyone, it's Katy and welcome back. This is going to be a quick episode all about why I believe balance is a myth and something that we should all stop trying to achieve. Even before I had kids, there was this notion that in order to be happy, you must somehow find this thing called Balanced. I was chasing it for years before I finally came to the realization that it's a myth. Balance doesn't exist. Then bring her husband and kids into the mix, plus all of the other things going on outside of work. How on earth does one achieve this thing called balance? Here's why. I don't think you actually can and why. I think it's a minute. The definition of balance is an even distribution of weight, enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. Given that definition, if you're a working mom, that would mean that in order for you to remain upright and study a k a sane, you must have an even distribution of home life and work. Last I checked, that in itself would be nearly impossible. Look at it this way. Imagine one of those old-time balancing scales. If you put a bunch of bananas on the left side of the scale, it would weigh that side down and others out of the scale would fly up in the air because it had no wait at it. Now imagine that same scale with work on the left side and home on the right. So you have a major project going on and you're working extra long hours. That left side of the scale is going to be pretty heavy now. Once that project comes to an end, you're ready for that scale. The balance back out. But suddenly your kid is sick with a fever and your caregivers out of town. Wait a minute. That scale just went pretty far down on the right. It's like a seesaw with you going back and forth, always desperately trying to even it out. But it just doesn't happen. And you're constantly in a state of frustration. So why are we perpetually looking for work Life balance? If it's so hard to actually find, I don't have that answer. But I'm here to tell you that it's OK to stop doing that. Instead, I propose you look for ways to find alignment in your life. To me, living an alignment means prioritizing and putting a plan together to make sure you're being purposeful with your time and energy in a way that won't drain you when you could align work home health, friendships and any other major life category that's important to you. With what you truly desire, you're more likely to find happiness in the every day. There's some things you can do to find alignment in your life. First, try to identify which areas of your life feel unbalanced or out of alignment. Are you getting enough sleep Working too much? Eating healthy foods? Spending quality time with your kids, getting exercise catching up with friends. Make a list of all of these types of things in order of importance to you. Once you have your priorities in order, find ways to purposefully design your schedule to include the things that you deemed most important. Key word is YOU deemed these most important, so you can find a way to fit these into your life. Will you be able to do all these things every single day? Probably not, especially if you're new to this idea of realigning your life. But once you start choosing your priorities and letting go of some of the pressure of our busy world, you'll begin to feel the effects. Here's a simple example. If you're in a busy season at work, but you've prioritized waking up, say, 30 minutes early so you can have breakfast with the kids and a fun conversation before you head out for the day. It will do wonders for your sense of alignment and that feeling of mom Gill will be nipped in the bud before it even crept up because you purposefully added it to your day in a time where, yes, you would be sleeping. But you prioritized that you wanted time with the kids and you made it happen. I have so many thoughts on alignment, so much so that it's included in my podcast and business name. I truly think that because I have intentionally focused on aligning my life with my priorities, I'm living more joyfully. So take that first step and start writing out your priorities, see what comes up and what adjustments you can make right away. To feel more in alignment in your life, stop chasing balance and start prioritizing the life you want to live. Take care, guys. I'll talk to you soon. Hey, real quick before you go. I just wanted to say thank you so much for listening. If anything you heard in this episode resonated with you, I would be so grateful if you leave a review on iTunes so more people confined us. Also check out motherhoodaligned.com for more resources and be sure to say hi on Facebook and Instagram @motherhoodaligned. I'll talk to you soon


Hi, I'm Katy!

Katy Weade

My favorite role: Wife and mama (Miles is 6 and Lucy is 2). I'm also the former owner of a multi-million dollar ecomm store and online community in the Arts & Crafts Industry. When we sold that company I went back to the corporate world as a Marketing Exec. for a leading company in the Floral Industry. I felt "stuck" and knew there was something more I was supposed to be doing. So, I got to work getting certifications and focusing on what I'm most passionate about; parenting and helping others live life in alignment. 


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