[Podcast] Behind the Scenes: Some Thoughts on Parenting

Today's episode gives a glimpse of what I have been up to and what's to come in the near future: Parent Coaching! I talk a bit about the parenting philosophies I've been trained in and what they are all about. I specifically focus on the concepts of Conscious Parenting and Positive Discipline and how these work to help you build a better relationship with your children. 

**EDIT** I state I have a kid who is about to turn 6, but he is about to turn 7! I am just so used to him being 6 that I misspoke :) 



Conscious Parenting speaks to me so much because unlike traditional parenting, which is really child-centric, focused on
their behaviors and, correcting behaviors, and often times punishments and rewards (which, believe me, I have used myself),  conscious parenting turns that paradigm upside down and puts the onus on us, the parents, to put the child’s well-being first.

It puts the responsibility on US to take each moment in parenting and use that to connect with our children. It’s about looking  internally at how we were parented and  how we can break that pattern (if needed) and consciously connect with our kids, create boundaries in our homes, and ultimately empower our children to thrive. 


Traditional parenting often takes on a dynamic of the parent being in a position of power. If you have ever heard or said “because I said so” then you know what I am talking about. That's a classic example of a powered parenting approach.


Conscious parenting helps you make the shift from controlling to connecting with your child. Conscious parenting helps your child feel seen, heard, and understood. And I’m telling you, once you make that shift as a parent, you will notice a difference in your relationship with your child .



The other thing I wanted to touch on briefly today is Positive Discipline and what that entails in regards to parenting. Positive discipline is neither punitive aka punishng your child
or permissive, aka letting htem get away with everything  but rather it focuses on being kind and firm with your parenting. As I have been studying Positive Discipline, I have been given countless tools to use in my everyday parenting with my children and I can’t wait to share all of them with you. 


I almost hate that the word discipline is used to describe this parenting method because it’s more about understanding the needs of your child and looking at things from their perspective rather than disciplining them. PD is based on the idea that there are no bad children, just good and bad behaviors. Rather than ignoring the problems your child is encountering, you help them learn how to handle the situation. Together you create boundaries and expectations, which ultimately leads to a more peaceful way of interacting with each other. 


I cannot stress enough how much I have learned when it comes to parenting my children and how passionate I am about raising them to not only have a great relationship with me and their father, but also with each other. I am able to do that with Conscous parenting and positive discipline as my guiding principles. 


One thing I have noticed is our home is not chaotic. Our kids are not out of control. I don;t feel like the cards are stacked against me and we genuinely have a great foundation, but I know that MOST people don’t feel that way, it takes some work to get there and I whole heartedly believe i can help you feel the same way. I want to pass what I have learned onto you  so that you can  live peacefully & fulfilled in the way you truly deserve. 

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