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[Podcast] Balance in Motherhood is a Myth

Something I feel strongly about is the misconception of "work-life balance" and that it is something we should all be seeking. Balance is a myth and something we should all STOP trying to achieve. Instead, I suggest seeking alignment.

Not sure what I mean? Tune in to find out how you can start realigning your life today!




Episode Transcript:

Welcome to motherhood, aligned. I'm your host, Katy Weade. And this podcast is for moms on a mission to bust through the overwhelmed and live life on purpose. If you're ready to feel in alignment with who you're truly meant to be, then you're in the right place. And if you're anything like me, then I know you're a busy mama juggling a 1,000,000 things at once. But we can't just let life happen to us and get lost in the busy-ness. We need to take the reins and live proactively. This show is about real Mom's focused on family, feeling good and finding ways to not just survive but thrive in motherhood and life. Sound good, Awesome....

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