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How to Get your Little Ones Sleeping with Sleep Consultant, Eva Klein

Calling all tired Mamas! It's time to get your baby to sleep! Today we have Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant, Eva Klein, here to teach us how to get your little ones sleeping so that the whole family is well-rested and thriving. Eva is the founder of My Sleeping Baby and the Sleep Bible program and knows a thing or two about how we can all get some more rest. So listen in to soak up Eva’s sleep secrets. 



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Top 7 sleep tips you can begin implementing IMMEDIATELY to get your baby, toddler or preschooler sleeping
Sleep Bible Program

A quick note from Katy:
At my very core I believe that in order to raise a happy, well-behaved child who thrives, YOU have to be a happy mother who thrives. That's exactly what I can help you with. Go from overwhelmed in motherhood and life to feeling...

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