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Motherhood Aligned Podcast

A Podcast for busy moms ready to bust through the overwhelm and live life on purpose. This show is about family, feeling good and finding ways to not just survive, but thrive in motherhood and life. 


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"Katy is super down to earth and knows the stresses and pressures felt by moms. Her practical advice is easy to implement. I'm so thankful to have stumbled on this podcast - love that she is talking about living life aligned with our own values and priorities!"

Alisha Carlson
Podcast Review

"Katy's story resonated with me so much! Love how she lives in alignment and puts happiness at the forefront!"

Podcast Review

"Thank you for showing us the truth about balance. I can't wait to hear more!"

Stephanie (@mrsandsis)
Podcast Review

"Katy has such a knack for communicating what is rough about motherhood right alongside our ability to handle ALL of it - and even create some more compassion for ourselves too. Highly recommend! "

Podcast Review

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