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The days are long, but the years are short.  

Coaching will change your life and help you be the parent you truly desire to be.


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1:1 Private Coaching

12-Week Peaceful Parenting Program + Weekly 1:1 virtual coaching calls 100% tailored to your individual goals and priorities.

What You Get:
• Making Peace with Your Parenting Past
• Your Quantum Mindshift as a Parent
• Understanding Brain Science & Emotional Intelligence
• Learning a New Language of Communication based on Connection
• Embracing a New Mindset
• How to Discipline without Needing Punishments or Rewards
• Create Your Personalized Peaceful Parenting plan
• Unlimited Text/Email Access Between Sessions
• Access to Private Facebook Group
• Weekly 60 Minute Private Coaching Calls
• And so much more...


How Coaching with Me Works


Free Discovery Call

  • Free 45 Min Zoom Call 
  • Where You Are vs. Where You Want To Be Across Various Areas of Your Life
  • How you can get there through working with me
  • Determine together if I'd be a good fit to help you get there

What other moms are saying...

"Katy is so real and down to earth, I feel like she gets me!"

Sarah S. 

"It's nice to be able to connect with another mother, who understands how hectic life gets."

(Florida Mom)

"In one session I felt like I accomplished more than months worth of therapy"

A.F. (mom of 2)

Free Class 4/15/21 at 2pm CST
How to Parent Peacefully So You No Longer Have Daily Battles with your Kids

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