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I help moms become the best person and parent that they are meant to be
through mindset coaching and positive parenting strategies. 

Big dreams, little dreams, or just getting through the day less frustrated...

Coaching with me will change your life and help you be a better mom


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Align Your

Where are you stuck? Maybe you're not even sure, but you know something needs to change. What are you trying to balance as a mom with a million things on your plate? The goal is to make it all work - on YOUR terms. You can let life happen to you each day or you can align your priorities and live proactively. The choice is yours and can make all the difference in the world. 

Create Stronger

What does your relationship look like with yourself? (hint: this impacts your parenting) How are relationships at home? The goal is to create meaningful connections resulting in less nagging & power struggles. Raise children who are respectful, responsible, & happy. Increase their confidence and your own, knowing you're parenting in a way that fosters healthy relationships.

Upgrade Your

Life is too short to let it pass by without living your dreams. So many people wait for a tragedy or a second chance at life to truly live authentically. You don't have to wait, you're living right now. Envision the best version of yourself - who is she? What does she look like? What does she do for fun? Where does she work? What makes her life EASY and ENJOYABLE? Let's create her! 

1:1 Private Coaching

Weekly 1:1 virtual coaching calls 100% tailored to your individual goals and priorities. The focus is on creating alignment in your life, connection in your home, and upgrading your potential.
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How Coaching with Me Works


Free Consult Call

  • Free 45-60 Min Zoom Call 
  • Where You Are vs. Where You Want To Be Across Various Areas of Your Life
  • How you can get there through working with me
  • Determine together if I'd be a good fit to help you get there

What other moms are saying...

"Katy is so real and down to earth, I feel like she gets me!"

Sarah S. 

"It's nice to be able to connect with another mother, who understands how hectic life gets."

(Florida Mom)

"In one session I felt like I accomplished more than months worth of therapy"

A.F. (mom of 2)

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